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slashy_armada's Journal

Spanish Armada being slashy
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Slash community for members of the Spanish Armada: Spain's Davis Cup team

Membership to slashy_armada is open, just click JOIN

  • To support the members of the Spanish Davis Cup Team aka The Armada
  • To agree that they're all very hot and slashy, together and apart
  • To share the adult content - so if you're underage in your area, please take the nearest exit and return when you're old enough.
  • To ♥ the slash. If slash is not your thing, you're really, really in the wrong place.

Master Fic List: Link to our memories section where all The Aramada slash fics we can find are listed by author.

Picmania Such pretty boys deserve a lot of picspam homage. So, this section of the site is devoted to picspams of the pretty boys being, err, pretty. And slashy.

There is no "I" in TEAM but there's Me, Me, Me: How does Feliciano Lopez get that sinful body? Where did Nando go on vacation to get away from the hype? This section is for any news, pictures, sightings, articles and vids that involves any of the players of the team.

We've got Spirit: Davis Cup might only happen a few times a year, but this time plays together and plays together if you know what we mean ;) This is for any news, pics, vids etc. of any of the team members hanging out with each other. This is the 2+ section folks.

Fantastic Times: All fan works, all the time! Post you fan art, fan vids, wall papers, icons, macros and slashyily captioned pics here. If you made it and it's about The Armada being slashy, then we want it!

Gossip Girl: Did you hear Tommy and David kissed and made up? That Feli was Nando's first crush? We heard that too! Wild speculations to reported-on-the-front-pages, all gossip is welcome. Tinhats must always be worn for your own safety ;)

Love Game: The Armada members are always happy to pose slashily for us but they're teases who leave us wanting more. Enter our talented writers, who can give us a "behind-the-scenes" look. All slash fics involving an Armada member are welcome; pairings can be team members with each other, team members with other tennis players, or team members with any pretty men you can think of! All genres and ratings are A-OK - just make sure that it's slash and involves a member of The Armada.

Iconic: Please share any icons you've created that involve our boys. All icons taken from slashy_armada must be credited to the iconmaker, unless it's specifically stated that credit is not required.

Tourney Times: For every tournament that an Aramada member plays in, we'll have a tournament discussion post. Join in the discussions of the matches and find a friend to hold your hand. Livestream links will be shared as found.

UnModly Thoughts: Hi there! We're best_of_five, morebliss and niennah, we'll be your un-mods on this tour. We want you to kick back, relax and have a slashtastic visit. If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, critiques, feel free to shoot us an email or leave us a comment.

1. Fanfiction, any rating from G to NC-17 is fine. Smex is yay. :D
  • Please post with the following header:


    Any other information is at your discretion. The disclaimer is a necessity, and fics without same will be notified by comment to add one.
  • Please place all fics behind a cut.
  • All R and NC-17 fics posted to this comm should be labelled Adult Content when you post.
  • For ease of adding your fic to our Fic Master List, please put "Fic:Title of your fic" in the subject line of your post.
2. Fanart - same rules as fanfiction. Please post anything large (use your discretion) behind a cut; thumbnails can be posted outside cuts. Again, all R and NC-17 material posted to this comm should be labeled Adult Content when you post.

3. All fics must have slash as the main thrust (haha!) of the story. Stories must involve one or more members of The Aramada being slashy. Besides that, let your imagination run wild.

4. Picspams are luff! Likewise quotations, interviews, snippets of info. See above for general categories. However, personal comments and stories, etc., do not belong as separate posts, but may be suitable for the current Tourney Times Post, which you will find linked in the sidebar.

5. To avoid finger fatigue, tags will be added by mods. No need to tag your own posts. Keep those fingers fresh for fic writing, photo posting, etc!

6. All posts are automatically set to friendslocked. Please leave them this way. If you post anything publicly, we'll ask you to lock it; if you haven't complied within two days, we'll have to delete it. We want to keep our comm nice and cosy. :)

7. Posting ads to other comms or sites is totally fine. Go for it. If there's anything inappropriate, we'll delete, but otherwise, post and pimp!

This community is centred around the idea of members of The Armada being slashy i.e. in love/smexing other men. Whether or not they actually do any of these things is not the point, and we have no idea if they do or if they don't. None of us has anything to do with The Aramada or any other real person mentioned in this comm. All representations are fictional. Tinhats are required attire.



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Further FAQs can be found here.

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